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Unrefined Shea Butter Imported Straight From Ghana

Relax and take care of your skin with our Self Care naturals skin care products. Our Naturals Moisturizing Face Creams is made with unrefined shea butter, known for its moisturizing and healing properties. Apply it after a long day or when your skin looks and feels dry. Our unique moisturizing formula has been expertly crafted with organic ingredients that are 100% natural with no harsh chemicals. Because everyone is different, we have developed a process to combine the highest quality ingredients for each individual skin type and condition. Our products are gentle enough to be used on newborns to elders.

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“I was skeptical about trying new products on my face but I met LaDonna at an networking event and she introduced me to her product line. I explained to her my struggles I had with my skin and she said she had just the thing to help. I ordered the full moon and the espresso face scrub and let me tell you!!! It helped me out tremendously! Honestly, I couldn’t even believe how fast I started to see results. Within 1 week I noticed a difference. Full moon is my go to right before bed. The espresso face scrub I let sit for 3 min on my face and when I washed it off my skin was so soft! Thank you, thank you for helping me clear up my skin I will be recommending Self Care Naturals to all my friends and family! ❤️”
Shakena S.
“Self Care Naturals is going to be big! Can’t wait to watch the growth, bc that oil serum baby had me taking selfie’s all day lol It’s skin crack, it lightened up my dark spots from my acne and it helped my eczema. ”
Antoinette M.
“ Good soap, smells good, would recommend.”
Joe C.
“I LOVE full moon, my face looks bomb! ”
Laura W.
“ I used the radiance cream on my daughters arm she had scars from scratching due to dry skin, and it faded her marks they are almost gone. I really like that the cream is all natural.”
Sara B.

Treat your skin with confidence !! All products enhanced by Mother Nature

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