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Are all your fragrances in your products natural and safe?

Self Care Naturals does not use an synthetic fragrances in its products. Our signature scents has been customized and 100% naturally-derived. 

Are all your skincare products vegan?

Self Care Naturals are all 100% natural ingredients designed to treat and protect your skin no matter your skin type or skin condition. We only use pure plant based extract and oils to help your skin become radiant.

Does Self Care Naturals offer samples of their products?

At this time Self Care Naturals does not offer samples of products. However, there may be times we do offer samples close to restock dates and or new product alerts. We encourage you to sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop as to when this will occur. Since we disclose everything that we use in the products, we do advise a patch test on hidden skin prior to using it fully.

If I am prone to breakouts and acne can I use Self Care Naturals?

Absolutely! You should find the product that's best fitting for your skin and indulge! We encourage you to use our washing creams for your face. The products used are comedogenic which means it will not clog your pores and they are light weight. 

Are Self Care Naturals Products safe to use on kids/infants?

Yes! Our products are safe to use on all age types. We offer a cream specifically for skin conditions that you will find beneficial for kids and infants. As far as teens, this is a go to in helping them along in their skin care journey. Although our soaps can be used for everyone we recommend you watching children when in use to avoid any contact with eyes.