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Who we are

Self Care Naturals

Self Care Naturals is an all natural skin care company who strives to give you the best skin care products on the market. All ingredients used are natural and sourced from their originators to bring you the best. We create and produce self care skincare you can believe in. Our mission is to create and make each product fresh with high quality natural ingredients to promote healthy, glowing skin you love.

About The Founder

Self Care Naturals

Growing up I’ve always had a passion for beauty. My idea of beauty has always been the ability of one to embrace who they are and love who you are by having good self care. Many years ago I sat writing trying to come up with plans and ideas on how I personally could help people around the world find their true beauty. I started with a company in permanent makeup in which I truly loved. But unforeseen circumstances from a major car accident caused me to sustain injuries to where I had to temporarily close. With that, my creativity came to the forefront and I had to dig a little deeper into my purpose and passion. My own desire to having flawless skin is where I decided to start. I wrote so many ideas down but what I came to find out is that my belief in holistic healing I could incorporate that with beauty. I decided to create all natural products that can help one improve their skin and develop a good skin regime. Knowing that so many people out there are struggling with finding the right skin care treatment without harsh chemicals drew me to formulating products that is geared towards correcting acne, blemishes, dry skin, and other skin conditions. I wanted my company to have a purpose and target that. My history of servicing woman at FaceFirst Beauty Bar with permanent makeup and the reward I received from seeing my clients happy I knew I couldn’t stop there. I wouldn’t allow life’s circumstances stop me from being impactful in some way. I wanted to continue that thrill, the thrill of changing lives from something that could seem so small to one but be so big to the next person. I began my research over many months to find the best natural products to help improve ones skin and I created Self Care Naturals. All my products on this line is enhanced by Mother Nature to where it can help not only men and women but is also safe to use on children. I’m introducing something very close to my heart that I am sure people from all over the world will fall in love with using. I hope that each person who uses our line find themselves realizing that no one loves you like Self! So, feed your skin with Self Care Naturals.