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Face Care

Self Care Naturals is a company that offers all natural face care products, designed to help you manage and clear your skin concerns, from hyperpigmentation (age spots, dark spots), acne, blemishes, rashes and skin conditions like Eczema. SCN’s products are made up of natural ingredients like Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E Oil and more. Each formula our nature-loving founder develops handcrafted face care with a specific goal in mind, ensuring optimum efficacy and skin-friendly properties. Our carefully selected ingredients are blended at just the right concentrations to create the ideal base for your face care regime.



Our Balance serum is good for those who are looking for a powerful oil full of active natural ingredients that will manage specific skincare concerns without clogging pores. This product will improve your skin texture, reduce the size of pores, erase dark marks, as well as dark circles and fine lines. Benefits Soothes Sensitive Skin Improves Fines Lines and Wrinkles...



Goats Milk & Lemongrass Fall in love with the savory lemon zest smell Bittersweet has to offer. Your body will thank you. This soap is infused with Goats Milk and Lemongrass which will be sure to soften and hydrate your skin while giving your body all the nutrients needed.

Body Goals


This body scrub is sure to blow your mind! We've created the perfect exfoliant to care for your body from head to toe. This scrub is gentle and effective in removing dead skin without the harshness of abrasive products being used. It’s lightly scented to be sure no skin irritations occur for those with sensitive skin. All natural fragrance. Body Goals...

Espresso Face Scrub


Looking for a scrub gentle enough to wake your skin up that’s packed with goodness? Well, this is it! Our Espresso Face Scrub will leave your face feeling extremely soft. This Self Care Scrub will rejuvenate, and create an everlasting clear complexion that everyone will notice. Benefits Moisturizing Complexion Corrector Natural Skin Brightener Eczema Psoriasis Key Ingredients Ground Coffee Brown...

Heavens Touch


Heavens Touch is the key for those who suffer from scarring, dry skin, wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage, and inflammation. This product was created to produce a beautiful skin balance as well as skin regeneration. Using this product will give you the Illuminating skill you've been looking for. Full of natural ingredients which means it’s safe to not only use...



SeaMoss & Turmeric   This bar is for those with sensitive skin. No added fragrance, just the all natural smell of organic oils and butters. We didn’t forgot to create a soap for those who develop irritations after using soaps with scent. If you’re looking for a moisturizing bar that goes a long way this is for you. Enjoy the...

Sweet Eclipse


We improved our bottles!! They will now come in a green bottle too container! Same quality product but better packaging. Be ready to indulge in a face wash that’s so sweet and satisfying to your skin! This is a gentle exfoliating face wash that is filled with natural ingredients that's beneficial in tightening pores, cleaning bacteria that causes acne, hydrates...